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Panopticon Software provides interactive visualization tools that allow financial services managers to analyze large quantities of data (both real-time and static) then make timely, actionable decisions. Panopticon offers an array of data visualization solutions for the financial services industry including: trade monitoring, portfolio attribution and risk, asset management, and markets and research. Panopticon is the only company providing business intelligence tools that mash streaming real-time data with static data, including OLAP data. Panopticon's data visualization platform allows business users to quickly find outliers, anomalies and trends in their data, without always relying on IT. In addition, many of Panopticon's OEM partners in the financial securities industry embed our visualization tools seamlessly into their systems giving clients a more interactive and richer visual experience. Panopticon allows all business users to monitor, analyze and act on their essential business data, quickly and accurately. Empower your decision makers with Panopticon. Today!

Contact: Sam Giertz
The Chrysler Center, 405 Lexington Avenue, 26th Floor
New York New York 10174